The Tea Party – Seattle, WA (10/1/2015)

The Tea Party ( is a Canadian band that I first heard in the fall of 1997, after the release of their 4th album, Transmission. Their cd was playing at an independent record store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the minute I heard the acoustic guitar jam on the album’s first song “Temptation” morph into a crunchy, eastern-influenced hard rock song, I was instantly hooked. I immediately bought the disc, and played the entire album on repeat for weeks.

Unfortunately, I was never able to see the Tea Party play live in the US, since they never “made it big” here, beyond a few northern border states. I remained, and still remain, a fan throughout all of their albums, side projects, and eventual split from 2005-2012. Now that they were back together, playing live again for a few years, I had to design a poster for them. I looked on, and found that they had never had anyone design(or even post another poster to the site) a gig poster that was made for any of their shows. I had to be the first to do so. I’ve greatly improved upon my design skills since I first found out about them, so I approached the band about designing a gig poster, and after some back and forth messages, I was able to create this poster that they sold at an in-store performance the night before the show to benefit a friend of theirs who is going through cancer threatments.

The Tea Party usually incorporates Middle Eastern sounds and rhythms into their music and I needed to show that in this poster. The Hindu goddess Shiva seemed to fit that theme well, but I didn’t want to show it as a traditional rendering. The triton and lily in 2 of the goddess’ hands remain, but I wanted her to be listening deeply to music with her 2 other hands – presumably the Tea Party. Of course, the Seattle skyline is shown in the background to make the poster even more specific to this particular show.


Dimensions: 14″x 22″

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International(Non-US) Orders – $15 (+ $10 Shipping): 

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