The Tea Party – Seattle, WA (4/4/2017)

2017 – The 20th Anniversary of The Tea Party’s “Transmission” album. Once again, I was honored to be able to design the poster for their Seattle show. For this poster, I was inspired with the album’s industrial/techno influence, along with a few hand-picked lyrics. Their song “Pulse” contained the line “I went to take her hand. I couldn’t feel a pulse.” The most literal interpretation of that line, to me, was that she wasn’t human at all, and that she must be a robot of some sort, so I went with that concept. Also, the song “Release” had the line “I want you to be free from me” so I chose to show the robotic woman running away, becoming free from whatever captor or constraints were behind her.

Transmission remains one of my favorite albums. I actually came across it, completely by accident. I’ve always been a fan of Yes, and their singer Jon Anderson. Anderson had put out a solo album around the same time as Transmission, so I listened to it on the cd changer at the record store, or rather what I THOUGHT was the Jon Anderson album. At first, there was a Spanish guitar intro…..fair enough.…Anderson was always dabbling into world music sounds and it was reminiscent of Steve Howe’s Roundabout intro. I was into it. Then came an drum machine loop on the song, followed by more drums and then the full band with guitars and keyboards, with vocals that DEFINITELY were not Jon Anderson’s, but I LOVED it nonetheless. I immediately re-checked who the band was only to find out it was a band called The Tea Party, and the album was Transmission. That was it for me. From that moment I was a fan of The Tea Party, and like many musicians, I am forever indebted to them for providing a soundtrack to a part of my life.

Dimensions: 14″x 22″

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